Antimicrobial Policies and Practices for Patient Safety
Intercontinental Mid Plaza Hotel, Jakarta 27-30, November 2014
9th National Symposium - IARW
Welcome Messages

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite all of you to participate in the 7th National Symposium of Indonesia Antimicrobial Resistance Watch (7th NS-IARW), which will be held on July 1st – 3rd , 2011 at Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta – Indonesia Theme of 7th NS-IARW is  “ Best Practices in Antimicrobial Resistance Mitigation

This symposium will be of great importance for all those who will do never ending fight against infectious diseases. Since the most appropriate strategic approach is always locally specific, we will present data and experiences which had been collected from across the country.

This event is organized by PAMKI (Perhimpunan Ahli Mikrobiologi Klinik Indonesia – Indonesian Society of Clinical Microbiologist) in close collaboration with other professional such as Pharmacologist, Infectious and Tropical Diseases Experts, Pulmonologist, Intensive Care Experts, Parasitologist, etc. We feel obliged to inform, recommend and set strategies that will support medical practitioners towards a prudent use of antimicrobial.

Please be sure that you will not miss the opportunity to attend this great event.

Looking forward to seeing you on July 1st – 3rd , 2011 in  Jakarta – Indonesia.


With warm regards,

Amin Soebandrio, Prof,dr,PhD,SpMK(K)



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General Objective :

To share best Laboratory and Clinical Practices in Mitigating Antimicrobial Resistance in Hospital and Community.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To update best laboratory practices in AST
  2. To update best clinical practices in antimicrobial use in various settings (organisms, organs and facilities)
  3. To update the use of pharmaceutical  measures (vaccine, immune-modulator, antiseptic etc) in mitigating antimicrobial resistance
  4. To update the use of non-pharmaceutical measures (hospital infection control, antibiotic policy, physical methods) in mitigating antimicrobial resistance
  5. To update the best clinical microbiology practices in mitigating antimicrobial resistance.



This meeting will be of great benefit for Clinical Microbiologists,

Clinicians, Pharmaceutical Companies, Health Authorities as well as

other interested parties. Number of expected participants is 600.

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9th National Symposium of Indonesia Antimicrobial Resistance Watch (IARW)

And Annual Scientific  Meeting of Indonesian Society for Clinical Microbiologist (PAMKI)



Secretariat Office :

Department of Microbiology, Medical Faculty University of Indonesia

Jl. Pegangsaan Timur No. 16, Jakarta Pusat 10320

Phone                            : +62 21 3916828/ 3160491-92 ext. 17

Fax                                 : +62 21 3916826

Mobile Phone              : 0855 9103 0140

e-mail                            :

Website                         :

Contact Person           : Iphel/ Organizing Comittee

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