General Objective :

To share best Laboratory and Clinical Practices in Mitigating Antimicrobial Resistance in Hospital and Community.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To update best laboratory practices in AST
  2. To update best clinical practices in antimicrobial use in various settings (organisms, organs and facilities)
  3. To update the use of pharmaceutical  measures (vaccine, immune-modulator, antiseptic etc) in mitigating antimicrobial resistance
  4. To update the use of non-pharmaceutical measures (hospital infection control, antibiotic policy, physical methods) in mitigating antimicrobial resistance
  5. To update the best clinical microbiology practices in mitigating antimicrobial resistance.



This meeting will be of great benefit for Clinical Microbiologists,

Clinicians, Pharmaceutical Companies, Health Authorities as well as

other interested parties. Number of expected participants is 600.